E-book Me

One of the hottest gift items for grown-ups again this Christmas will be an e-reader. If you’re not familiar with these devices, it’s basically an electronic book. You can download complete books from a variety of sources including the library. There are thousands of titles for free and thousands of others for pocket change. It sounds like a great idea and I might even use one if it were a gift. But, I’m just an old book kind of guy and not sure I could get used to reading on one of these contraptions. I like the feel of a book and really love the smell of old books. A few listeners called and suggested I rub my e-book with dirty socks to get the smell.  A few others mentioned that you can get covers for your e-book that feel like the cover of a real book.
If you’re interested, here’s a great site comparing a ton of e-books and their features –
Plenty of listeners we’ve talked to on the WIKY Morning Show love theirs. Also, check to see if the e-book you’re interested in has a downloadable version for your PC. That way, you can give it a test drive before purchase.
Merry Christmas!