Driving a House

I’ve heard from a number of folks curious about our American RV adventure to Gulf Shores (or judging from the number of people we ran into from the Tri-state while we were there, “Evansville-by-the-Sea.”)
The American RV rental we used was a 28 foot Class C recreational vehicle. Those are the kind built on a truck frame (as opposed to the flat front bus-like Class A RV). Handling is a big question. A few I’ve talked to were a bit intimidated by having to drive such a large vehicle. And, I was apprehensive, too, until I got behind the wheel. A few minutes of driving and a couple of turns to give you the feel, is really all you need. If you’ve ever driven a larger panel truck from U-Haul, for example, that should give you an idea of how an RV handles. You also need to get used to starting and stopping. The RV we used went from 0 to 60 in a leisurely 30 seconds or so and RVs do not stop on a dime. It’s more like a dollar. But once you’re accustomed to that, driving an RV is quite easy and far more nimble than I expected. 
We stayed in two campgrounds. One was a quick overnight stay on the way and it was simply a matter of pulling through and putting it in park. We were good to go for the night. (I did plug in the electricity, but that wasn’t absolutely necessary because an RV is fully self-contained). In the state park we stayed in Gulf Shores, we had to back in to the water-front site but it wasn’t a problem at all especially with my wife keeping an eye on where I was backing it). At the state park, we hooked it all up (electricity, city water, and sewer) and stayed for five full days. It was wonderful!
Stay tuned, next we address the 55 gallon elephant in the room…
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