Day 2 of Diane's culinary odyssey down Franklin Street during the Fall Festival

Today, me and my panel of WIKY Judges, Kelley Ashby (this was her first time as a judge) and April Rutledge met in our usual spot at 11th and Franklin and set out to sample another 21 booths.  Anyone have some extra Rolaids they're not using?  Here's what we tested and our reviews:

Booth 108--St. Peter's UCC in Wadesville.  Chicken 'n Dumplings.  Kelley had never had chicken 'n dumplings before, and she thought they were great! We all liked the spice combos and the colorful parlsey in the broth.  Nice, soft dumplings and very tasty.

Booth 107--USI Varsity Club.  Home of the famous Rib-Eye Sandwich, which did not disappoint! We had it with grilled onions and pickles and it's hands-down the best rib-eye on the street!

Booth 106--Bible Center Cathedral.  Ribbon Fries.  These were fresh and very tasty, especially when you sprinkle the Grippos BBQ flavoring on them.  Definitely an item to share with friends. This booth also offers Lemon and Orange Shake-Ups.

Booth 105--Evansville Soccer Club.  "Stupid Hot Chili!"  This was hands-down some of the tastiest chili I've had at Fall Festival, but it's definitely got a major kick to it, so if you're not into the ultra spicy, they do offer a regular chili which is fabulous as well.  But, the dessert is to die for.....vanilla ice cream with Mango-Habanaro sauce on it. It's killer!!  A wonderful blend of sweet and just a hint of spice. BEST OF THE FEST WINNER!

Booth 104--Alpha Sigma Alpha.  Chicago-Style Hot Dog.  This authentic hot dog, down to the celery salt is not to be missed!  It's almost "too beautiful to eat!"  Plus, the sorority girls will sing to you while they make it.....what's not to love? (And if you tip them, all the money goes to Riley Hospital for Children!)

Booth 103--Central Vocal Boosters.  Coconut Shrimp w/Pina Colada dipping sauce.  These were really tasty, served hot and fresh.  Our only complaint, and it really isn't one, is we would have liked a bit more of a distinction between the breading on the shrimp and the sweetness of the dipping sauce.  But, still highly recommend them.

Booth 102--Old North Methodist Church.  Breaded Catfish Sandwich.  This was outstanding! The fish was really fresh, the breading very flavorful and it wasn't at all greasy.  Another item we highly recommend.

Booth 101--Word of His Grace.  Cincinnati-Style Chili Dog.  April had never experienced Cincy-styly chili before, which is a very different taste than a Tex-Mex chili.  It has a hint of sweetness and we all really liked it! If you've never tried this, you should!

Booth 100--St. Peter's UCC.  The ladies of the church have been chained in the basement for months making these mouth-watering homemade Kuchens, and they are fabulous!! I think they're the best ones on the street.

Booth 99--Harwood Boosters--Garlic Pepper Tenderloin.  Not only was this one of the friendliest booths we visited, the pork tenderloin sandwich was excellent! It's served with grilled onions and green peppers with melted Montery Jack cheese.  The don't skimp on ingrediants, so give this one a try!  They also have Strawberry Nehi sodas!

Booth 98--Marian Education Outreach.  Jalapeno Corn-Dog.  This is the corn dog that "bites back," and it is OUTSTANDING!  You definitely need to try this corn dog, it has a nice little zip to it, but it's not too hot.

Booth 97--Greater Evansville Skating Club.  Snow Ball Krispy (it's a Rice Krispy treat ball dipped in white chocolate).  We loved it!!  Make sure to visit this booth; their electricity was out when we visited with them yesterday, and they'll need your support to make up for lost sales of their deep fried smores and deep fried oreos!

Booth 96--Warrick County Klowns.  No food.....bless the clowns!

Booth 95--Golfmoor Youth Baseball.  Deep Fried Thin Mints.  A new item and absolutely delicious!

Booth 94--AMVETS Post #84.  Rib Eye Sandwich. 

Booth 93--Corpus Christi Boosters. Jalapeno Pronto Pup.....these ladies were so friendly and made this fresh for us. The batter is not sweet, and the jalapenos are served on the side.  Very tasty!

Booth 92--St. Philip Catholic Church.  Deep fried pickle. They use Clausen pickles, which make a huge difference! They're also not overly breaded and the breading has a nice flavor....thumbs up!

Booth 91--Bosse Band.  Jamaican Jerk Chicken.  They serve this either in a wrap or just the chicken in a cup.  Very authentic flavor and delicious!  It's a nice, healthy choice! For the more decadent choice, try the deep fried cheesecake. April almost ate the entire thing and kept raving about the crust!

Booth 90--Mater Dei Band Boosters.  Mozzarella cheese sticks....very tasty.  They also offer their "Lunchie Munchie" special which includes jalapeno poppers!

Booth 89--Boy Scout Troop #373.  Monster Ears.  These are the famous ones on Franklin Street and do not disappoint!

Booth 88--St. Wendel Action Team.  Bread Pudding with Cinnamon sauce.  Outstanding choice. There is so much butter in the cinnamon topping, we renamed it "Sin-a-mon," it was that good!

**Here are the results from our 3rd and final day of tasting the Fest:

Booth 42--Armstrong Rec Center.  Their speciality is the Haystack.  This was really tasty and we had ours with the Taco Sauce, which really added some zip to it.  The thing I really liked about this one is that they put Fritos underneath the chili. Yummy!

Booth 41--Grace & Peace Lutheran Church.  Donut Bank Burger.  Ron Young cooked us up a delicious Donut Bank burger with gooey melted cheese.  April, who isn't really a fan of the sweet and salty combo chimed in and said it was "darn good!"  Definitely a new Fall Festival must-try!

Booth 40--Riverbend Association.  Smoked Pork Chop. This is a very tender and flavorful pork chop....not dry at all!  It's served with grilled onions and green peppers.  You can also have it with Kraut and BBQ sauce, but we opted for the plain with the onions and peppers and it didn't disappoint!  I can see why this is a favorite every year.

Booth 39--West Side Kiwanis.  Hand-Dipped Prono Pup.  These guys use a bigger, really quality tasting hot dog and you can really tell! The batter is really tasty, and has a secret combo of 13 different spices.  Highly recommend this one!

Booth 38--USI Art Club.  Corn-On-The-Cob.  A Fall Festival favorite with the long line to prove it.

Booth 37--Mt. Pleasant Church.  Funnel Cake.  This really is the best Funnel Cake on Franklin Street.  The secret is they get the oil hot enough, so the cake is not greasy, but really crisp and delicious.  Sprinkled with powdered sugar, this is a great sweet treat to share with friends.

Booth 36--Central United Methodist Church.  Fried Green Beans.  April says they're the best on Franklin Street, and after trying these, I have to agree with her.  They use only homegrown green beans, picked when they're super sweet.  The batter has a really nice flavor, and they're not greasy. Comes with a tasty dipping sauce....I can see why people order this every year.

Booth 35--Salem Church Darmstadt.  Brownie Sundae.  This was one of the friendliest booths; everyone was having a great time! It's a good brownie sundae, served with soft-serve vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Booth 34--West Side Christian.  Pig Snorts.  This was definitely NOT what we were expecting, and that is a good thing!  These are actually a homemade chocolate truffle dipped in white chocolate.  The white chocolate has just a hint of pink in it because they put just a little red dye in it.  Then, they shape these treats to look like a pig snout! How cute is that??!  You get 2 of them in a bag, which is the perfect amount because they are decadent and DELICIOUS!!   BEST OF THE FEST WINNER!!

Booth 33--St. Matthew's UCC.  Homemade fudge.  Okay.....the church ladies have definitely been locked in the basement for weeks to turn out the amount of jaw-droppingly good fudge to be found at this booth!  3 flavors are available, peanut, vanilla and chocolate.  We tried the peanut and it melts in your mouth!  There is a LOT of butter in this fudge.  Plus, what a steal......only 25 cents a piece.  Next year, they're having their first price increase in 25 years.

Booth 32--Howell United Methodist Church.  Pronto Pup.  At only $1.50, they're one of the bargains to be found on Franklin Street.  Also, if you plan on going down early on Saturday morning to save your spot for the Parade, this booth is open for breakfast!