City On our Knees

I told you a few weeks ago about a new book that I got for Christmas.  It's called "City On Our Knees" and it's by Toby Mac (you know who that is right).  It is great book that shares stories of people just like you and me who stand up and make a difference.  I wanted to share with you one of the stories from the book and I hope it can inspire you like it did me.  

 The Bittersweet story of Alexandra: Alexandra Scott was diagnosed with neuroblastoma just before her first birthday.  Neuroblastoma is an intense childhood cancer that often starts by attacking the nervous system and adrenal glands. The day before her first birthday, Alexandra endured a 12-hour surgery that left her paralyzed.  Doctors told Alexandra's parents that even if her cancer went into remission she would have no feeling in her legs and would never walk or crawl.  Alex did not let that stop her and two weeks later she moved her leg with some encouragement from her parents. The next year things were looking better and Alexandra was eventually able to move her legs and crawl around on her own.  However, by Alex's third birthday, the cancer was back and she had to endure 3 surgeries in one, three month period.  At age four, Alex received intense chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant.  One day while Alex was in the hospital, she told her mother of an idea she had about having a lemonade stand and giving the proceeds to doctors for cancer research.  She had learned that every year more than twelve thousand children are diagnosed with cancer.  Alex had a plan.  She was going to sell lemonade and all of the proceeds were going to her doctors to help find a cure.  So, in the summer of 2000, with the help of here big brother, 4-year old Alex set up the first  Alex's Lemonade Stand for Childhood Cancer.  Her parents were expecting proceeds of around $10.  Nope, try $2000.  By 2002, Alex's Lemonade Stand was attracting national media attention Her story was featured on such programs as Oprah, The Today Show, CBS Evening News and many other television programs.  That year Alex's Lemonade Stand raised $12,000, which Alex dedicated to here friend Toiresa who had died of neuroblastoma earlier in the year.