Blowing Young Minds


We opened our email this morning to find a note from Autumn, a young lady from Evansville.  Here it is -

Dear D.J.B and Diane Douglas,

Hi, I think it's amazing that I'm able to send you guys an email! My name is 
Autumn and I'm only 13 but I've listened to WIKY morning show every morning 
on the way to school for a long time. Recently I've looked up your pictures 
out of curiosity and my mind was blown.

Firstly, Diane, I've always thought of you as Meredith Vierra from channel 
14 news. That's just who you were - permanently etched in my mind. I looked 
up your picture and I was genuinely amazed.

And D.J.B to me you have always been Chet Ubetcha to me, a cartoon character 
from when I was a kid.

I'm completely amazed you're actually... I don't know... bearded and have 
grey hair?

I was amazed when I saw the two of you, honestly. My mind is blown forever; 
just to keep as stable as possible I'm going to keep imagining you two as a 
former news host and a cartoon character.
I think it's simpler that way.

Thank you, regardless for being the amazing, wacky, funny, comical, 
cartoon-news-hosty people you are and don't ever stop!

Autumn B.

I'm not so sure Autumn is far from the mark - check it out:


Can't post a picture of Chet or Meredith on the WIKY website without permission but you can Google 'em up and compare: