Bird Disputes

We were discussing birds in my backyard this morning on WIKY.  I've been a bird watcher for years.  I've heard that you're supposed to call yourself a "birder" but that sounds even weirder than bird watcher, if you ask me.

We have a mockingbird that lives in our backyard and has for years.  She's actually just relocated from next door because the bush she lived in for years was the victim of a landscaping make-over.  So she moved right into a small Cleveland pear tree that was planted a couple of years ago and stands only 10 feet max making it enticingly accessable.  I've observed mockingbirds as pretty aggressive especially when it comes to guarding their nests.  She's take on all comers including a local bluejay.  But this year might be different:  We have a cat.  A cat that appears determined to be a bird catcher.  But I think the mockingbird and the cat are a fairly even match.  Should make for an interesting summer; I'll keep you posted.  Hey, it ain't Walt Disney.