A Berry Delicious Time

You would have laughed if you saw me picking berries today. I wore a home-made bucket, a cut up plastic milk carton strapped to my waist with a leather belt, work gloves, cowboy boots and a big stick to pull the vines down from the high spots. I looked like a total goof ball, my teens would have died of embarrassment if they saw me!

Is there a 12 step program for folks who might be a bit addicted to picking black berries?! I can't seem to stop myself. After I fixed dinner for the kids, I ran back to my neighbor Debi's house and picked a few more buckets of the juicy berries before they are all gone... made home made ice cream and put some of the berries in it, the kids LOVED it!

OK, here is the dorky berry bucket for those who requested a photo, and here are two of the three pies I baked. I still have gallons to turn into blackberry jam! None of me in the really ridiculous get-up tho, because I am showered and changed and sitting in my studio...taking calls with very stained hands.