Are You What You Wear?

A couple of stories made the rounds over the weekend that aren't related but have something in common -

MAN DRESSED AS JESUS KICKED OUT OF CHURCH: In St. Louis, Missouri a man was kicked out of a church for dressing like Jesus. Neal Thompson dresses up like Jesus every Sunday and attends a new church to spread the Christian word. Thompson showed up to the church in St. Louis wearing the same white robe and carrying the same staff he's been using every Sunday for 22 years. A deacon at the church would not let him into the mass, insisting that he would have to sit in the hallway. Police responded to the scene and asked Thompson to leave nicely. Thompson said he forgives the church and will try to visit again another time. (
And, one last Halloween story for the year -
MAN IN BREATHALYZER COSTUME CITED FOR DUI: A 19-year-old Lincoln, Nebraska man who dressed as a breathalyzer for Halloween was later arrested for driving under the influence. Police say Matthew Nieveen was seen driving erratically after leaving a Halloween party. Nieveen is accused of a minor in possession of alcohol, having an open container of alcohol in his truck and negligent driving. (
As Alanis Morissette said incorrectly years ago, isn't it ironic?