92nd Fall Festival Booth Reviews Day 2

Here are the rest of our booth visits for this year's Fall Festival.  I'd like to thank my panel of judges who took time out from the Witness Protection Program to provide their reviews for you this year.

69. SAE of UE – Doritos Haystack.  Big hit.

70.  Delta Zeta USI – Pumpkin Cake Balls.  Only thing missing is the stick.  Excellent.

71. Impact Ministries – Cajun Shrimp Soup (9 from judges) and Buckeyes (chocolate covered peanut butter balls). “Real peanut butter flavor.”

72. Montessori Academy – Gator Taters. “Excellent taste.”

73. TKE USI – Stromboli.  Well know strom at the festival.  “Lots of meat.”

74. Posey County Right to Life.  No food is available at this booth.

75. Vanderburgh Humane Society – Fried Green Tomatoes.  Perfectly fried.  Past award winner.

76. Cynthia Heights School – Donut Bank Slider (sausage patty, bacon, cheese).  “Can’t be beat.”   They take credit cards too!

77. Young Life of Evansville – Deep Fried Hog Jowls. “Manliest food on the street.”

78. SWRICA – The Cobbler Booth.  All homemade and all good.  Blackberry is their biggest seller.

79. St Paul’s Lutheran Youth – Chicken and Dumplings.  “Thick dumpling, lots of chicken.”

80. Westside Improvement Association – Vegetarian Pizza Potato.

81. Special Olympics of Vanderburgh County – Italian Beef.  “Rich flavor, juicy.”

82. Young Democrats – Gyro.  Big hit. “Excellent.”

83. Evansville Association of the Blind – Grippachos. Now world famous.  The Westside’s beloved BBQ Grippos Potato Chips smothered in pulled pork and cheese.

84. Fraternal Order of Eagles 427 – Haystack.

85. Christ Gospel Church – Chocolate covered grapes. “Like a giant juicy Raisinette!”

86. Chandler United Methodist Church – New Orleans style Beignet.

87. Seventh Day Adventist – Haystack.   “Excellent. Lots of Fritos. Lots of food for your money.”

88.  St Wendel Church – Oreo Truffles and Springerle Cookies.  “Both great.”

89. Boy Scout Troop 373 – Monster Ears.  They sell a thousand  a day.  True story.

90.  Mater Dei – plenty to choose – tenderloin, chicken, fried cheese, chocolate covered cheese cake.