92nd Fall Festival Booth Reviews Day 1

Here's a quick sampling of our visits to the booths today.  Great weather and already big crowds.

49 Evansville Lutheran School - BBQ Turkey, Funnel Cake Fries.

47 Evansville Racing Pigeon Club – “Mother in Law” Tamale, chili, cheese and Fritos on a hot dog bun.  9 from judges. “Different.”

48 Salem UCC – Brownie Sundae with homemade brownie and homemade ice cream.  Judges give it a 10.

49 GOP Diner – Boneless West Virginia Hot Dog.

50 Trinity Lutheran – Schweiger Ball.  Enormous hit: 10.  Definite contender for Best of the Fest Trophy.

51 Forest Hills Wesleyan Youth – Chicken and dumplings.

52 Harrison Instrumental Music Boosters – Southern Taco.  New item this year; hit with the judges – 9 “Unique.”

53 Simpsons UMC – The other Brain Sandwich.

54 ITT Christian Youth Ministries – Hand dipped corn dog. 

55 Salem United Church of Christ – “Dirty Dog.”  Cincinnati style chili, hot dog, cheese, onions. 

56 St Agnes PTO – Iced Mocha Frappe.  New item this year. Big hit – 10.

57 Sacred Heart PTO – Pronto Pups.

58 Reitz Instrumental Music Boosters – Trademark French Waffles.

59 Life Choices – Piggy Toes.  "Outstanding."

60 Daughters of the Nile – Italian Beef.  Another hit with the panel – 10.  “Delicious and lots of beef.” Past multiple award winner.

61 Lambda Chi Alpha – Philly Steak N Cheese.

62 Cleaves Memorial CME Church – Chess Pie. Homemade.  "Sin in a box." 

63 Alpha Omega Alumni Association – Stromboli.  “Nice.” Booth supports 4 USI scholarships because of this sandwich.

64 Phi Delta Theta (UE) Phi-er Burger.

65 Albion Fellows Bacon Center – Monte Cristo.  Past award winner, still doesn’t disappoint.

66 St Mark United Church of Christ – Walking Taco in homemade waffle cone.

67 – St Peters United Methodist Church – Deep fried butter (in a biscuit).

68 – North Green Brigade Band – Funnel Cake Breakfast Delight (with bacon).  Big hit with the fraternities in the immediate area of this booth. Finally, a breakfast carnival food.

69 SAE UE – Doritos Haystack. “Love it and easy to carry.” Booth of the Day winner last year.