The 90th Fall Festival or How I Spent a Week on Franklin Street Eating Everything from a Stick


Well, not everything on a stick.  As we have for the past eight Fall Festivals, Diane and I hit the street with our panel of judges in search of classic, new, and bizarre food items.  Our goal is to sample something from every food booth at the festival, this year numbering 135.  My team includes veterans Tracy Silver and Kathy Collins along with Nut Clubbers Andy Elfreich (out of retirement as a taster!) and newcomer Jeff Alvey.  


87 - Our team started this year with the Seventh Day Adventists, and a cream puff.  It was an outstanding start!  The puff is light and homemade.  Highly recommended by the panel.

86 -  Chandler United Methodist.  Don't miss their signature made-from-scratch fudge.

85 - Christ Gospel Church.  Love the Shark's Teeth!  (Bugles, filled with peanut butter, and dipped in white chocolate).  Clever and great finger food!

84 - Eagles Ladies Auxilary.  Dee-lish funnel cakes.  For a change, try it with cinnamon sugar.

83 - Evansville Association of the Blind.  The original Grip-achos - Grippo bbq chips with pulled pork and all the natcho trimmings.  They invented them and still their best seller.

82 - Vanderburgh Democrat Club.  An outstanding gyro.  Be sure to ask for extra cucumber sauce.

81 - Special Olympics.  Deep fried pickles.  But wait, if you're a fan of the deep fried dill, then you've probably always had it as a spear.  These folks deep fry pickles thinly sliced and breaded.  The result is a fried pickle like no other.  A bit like a crispy pickle chip.  A must try!

80 - Westside Improvement Association.  OVER stuffed bakers with pork or chicken.  A mighty spud lunch!

79 - St Paul's Lutheran.  Homemade from scratch from stock to noodles, a killer chicken and dumplings.  

78 - SWIRCA.  Their world-famous homemade cobbler.  In the past couple of years they've experiement with different, perhaps exotic flavors but this year, they're back to the cobblers that made them famous - apple, peach, and their best seller, blackberry.  It's not the Fall Festival without SWIRCA cobbler and a hand-dipped scoop of ice cream!

77 - Young Life.  One of Diane's personal favorites, white chicken chili, a big seller for them.

76 - Cynthia Heights Wildcats.  OK, in the spirit of the Fall Festival comes a sandwich that could only be found on Franklin Street in Octoboer.  Try this - a sliced Donut Bank glazed donut with a sausage patty, bacon strips, and melted American cheese.  Incredible!  Get a note from you doctor before ordering one.  PICK OF THE DAY!

75 -Vanderburgh Humane Society.  They've added fried green beans this year.  Brisk seller.

74 - Posey County Right to Life.  No food, bless them.

73 - Tau Kappa Epsilon.  The TKE's Strombolis are consistantly among Fall Festival goers must have food items.  Before the week is out and you want to know what a stromboli is supposed to taste like, wait in line with the rest of us.    

72 - Montessori Academy.  Reknowned for their chocolate covered crickets and scorpions in a sucker, this year offers kangaroo.  Didn't know they were actually edible?  Well, now you do.  Order up a Sloppy Joey.  It's surprisingly good.  Tastes like giant hopping chicken.

71 - Impact Ministries.  Homemade piping hot Cajun shrimp or sausage soup.  A popular option is a combo of both.  Wonderfully spicey!

70- Delta Zeta Lambda.  Deep fried dill spears with your choice of dips.  Also have Pumpkin Cake Balls that are out of this world!!  BEST OF THE FEST WINNER!!

69 - Sigma Alpha Epsilon.  Wonderful floats but be sure to give the Dreamcicle float a go.  It's among the best deserts on Franklin Street and perfect for the weather we're having this week.

68 - North High School Band Boosters.  OK, another must try.  This little item is called the Purple Pucker Funnel Cake.  A fresh fried funnel cake dusted with powdered sugar and grape Kool-Aid.  Look out!  Pucker factor indeed!  It's a great new twist on the classic funnel cake and it's worth every pucker.

More to come!