89th Fall Festival Impressions

The Fall Festival is underway on Franklin Street and the weather couldn't be more perfect.  Everyone seems to have their favorites and heads directly to those booths but with 126 different booths, we at WIKY have encouraged exploration.  For my first Fall Festival six years ago, I sampled every booth.  I really didn't know what I was in for until I walked onto Franklin Street and didn't figure it would take an entire week, but I did it.  The problem, of course, was the combo -  a pronto pup at one booth, deep fried Twinkie at another, then a brain sandwich to chase it all down.  I'd do ten booths for lunch, return in the evening for another ten booths and be back at the Festival the next day at noon.  I ate the final booth on Saturday afternoon around one.  As far as we've heard, I'm the only idiot ever to do that.  In the years since, I've wised up and enlisted teams to sample the booths.  Between Mark Elliott, Diane, and me, we can hit all 126 booths in two days over lunch.  Every year we pick out our daily favorites and on Thursday announce the Best of the Festival with trophies.  It's what the Fall Festival means to me - food - and lots of it!  Check out our picks this year on the WIKY Morning Show page at wiky.com and be sure to let Diane and me know your favorites!