2012 Fall Festival Diane's Team Day 2 Booth Reviews

Diane’s Team—Day 2 of Fall Festival Booth Reviews

**Booth 67-- (St. Peter’s UMC) (Deep Fried Mashed Potato Balls) OMG!!!!!!! These are absolutely fabulous and a unamimous choice by the entire team; they are spectacular and very original. They are mashed potatoes around chopped bacon, onion and cheese, then deep fried to perfection! Served with ranch or horseradish or enjoy them by themselves! **WIKY Pick Booth of the Day**

Booth 68—(North Band Boosters) (Smores Funnel Cakes) This was outstanding as well. Take a traditional funnel cake and cover it in hot fudge, marshmallow and graham cracker crumbs. It was really tasty, but could have been just a bit hotter. It’s definitely worth trying.

**Booth 69—(University of Evansville) (Haystack in a Nacho Cheese Doritos Bag)  What a great idea to capitalize on the popularity of the Doritos Tacos at Taco Bell. We absolutely loved it! The chili was hot and flavorful, the Doritos were crushed up and we almost ate the whole thing. Plus, the guys working the booth were so friendly and adorable; born salesmen! **WIKY Pick Booth of the Day**

Booth 70—(Delta Zeta Lambda) (Jalapeno Poppers) Hats off to another college-run booth! We’ve been impressed by the friendliness of these booths, plus their food is outstanding. The jalapeno poppers were excellent and can be served with either ranch or horseradish; we chose the horseradish and it was fantastic.

Booth 71—Impact Ministries (Cajun Shrimp Soup) This is one of the healthier choices on the street and also one of the prettiest soups you’ll see. Very colorful and flavorful! They also offer some pretty rockin’ Cajun sausage!

Booth 72—Montessori Academy (Chocolate Covered Cricket) This was Julie’s first time ever eating a chocolate covered cricket and it was hilarious to watch! This was the quote when it was all over, “I feel like I’ve got a leg stuck in my teeth!” They also are offering Cricketts for the more adventurous. These are actual crickets that are either bacon, sour cream and onion, or salt and vinegar flavored. Be brave, grasshopper…..no wait, that’s cricket!

Booth 73—(Tau Kappa Epsilon, aka “The Tekes”) (Stromboli)  This is an outstanding Stromboli! Their secret is the use of banana peppers (a bit hit with our group) and they also put the banana pepper juice in the meat. Very flavorful and served piping hot…..the guys were also super friendly!

Booth 74—(Right To Life of Posey County) They don’t serve food at this booth (by this time, we were very thankful to have a bit of a break….LOL! But, they do have some pictures of adorable babies in their cute baby contest.

Booth 75—(Vanderburgh Humane Society) (Fried Green Tomatoes) The VHS is famous for their Fried Green Tomatoes, and they didn’t disappoint! Delicious and we had them with horseradish sauce. They also have the Fried Mac and Cheese Balls.

Booth 76—(Cynthia Heights PTA) (Donut Bank Sausage Slider) Outstanding! Also, make sure to try their famous Fudge Puppy. BTW, they also take credit/debit cards.

Booth 77—(Young Life of Evansville) (Whit Chicken Chili) This is one of our favorites every year and it didn’t disappoint. As a matter of fact my mom dispatched me to bring some home to her!

Booth 78—SWIRCA (Green Tomato Cobbler) This was delicious, and my friend April was a bit dubious at first. But then, she took a bit and this was her reaction, “Holy Cow, that’s amazing!” They also have Blackberry and Peach Cobbler.

Booth 79—(St. Paul’s Lutheran Church) (Chicken ‘n Dumplings) This was outstanding. The gentleman who served us said it’s his daughter-in-law’s recipe and the dumplings were absolutely homemade and rolled by hand. Yummy! They also sell their cake balls.

Booth 80—(Westside Improvement Association) Stuffed Baked Potato…..always good, always tasty and good for you too! They also have a vegetarian stuffed baked tater and deep fried pepper jack cheese balls.

Booth 81—(Special Olympics of Vanderburgh County) (Italian Beef Sandwich) This is a new item for this booth and it was delicious! One of the things that made this so tasty is the melted cheese that mixes with the tasty hot shredded beef.

Booth 82—(Democrats) (Gyro Sandwiches) Always excellent! The lamb is succulent and very tasty, but the real secret here is the cucumber sauce…..outstanding!

Booth 83—(Evansville Association for the Blind) (BBQ Grippochos) Major points for the originality of putting pulled pork on a bed of Grippos potato chips.

Booth 84—(Eagles 427) (Funnel Cake) Delicious and fried to perfection.

Booth 85—(Christ Gospel Church) (Apple Dumpling) Outstanding!! The apples used come from Fairview Orchards in Mt. Vernon, IN and they are especially sweet and tasty this year because of the drought. Don’t miss this one!

Booth 86—(Chandler UMC) (Beignets) These are the only ones on the street. We waited several minutes for a fresh batch and they were outstanding! Don’t miss this New Orleans treat!

Booth 87—(7th Day Adventist Church) (Vegetarian Haystack) This was really good and this entire booth is vegetarian and always has been. They also offer items for folks that are vegan as well.