2012 Fall Festival--Diane's Team (Day 1 Booth Reviews)

Diane's team hit Franklin Street yesterday to begin the task of tasting every booth and make our recommendations. Here are the reults from Day 1:


Booth 46—Evansville Lutheran School (Smoked Turkey Leg) Big and juicy, it’s a Franklin Street staple, but it was left off the munchies map this year.

Booth 47—Evansville Racing Pigeon Club (Chili-Cheese Hot Tamale) This is a new item this year, and it was delicious. Very hot and tasty!

Booth 48—Salem UCC (Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae) This was spectacular! The ice cream is homemade by the pastor and the fudge is piping hot…..one of the best I’ve had in a while! **Best of the Fest Daily Winner!**

Booth 49—Vanderburgh Republicans (Boneless West Virginia Hot Dog) A very unique take on the hot dog, it has creamy cole slaw on it with onions and some other secret stuff.

Booth 50—Trinity Lutheran Church (Eagle Egg & Fried Mac & Cheese Balls) What can I say? These are two of my absolute FAVORITE items on Franklin Street. Julie, one of our newbie tasters had never had one before and she loved it as well!

Booth 51—(Forest Hills Wesleyan Youth) (Chicken ‘n Dumplings) The dumplings are hand rolled every morning and it’s a very flavorful item.

Booth 52—(Harrison Instrumental Boosters) (Broccoli/Cheese Soup) This was delicious….very fresh and piping hot! They also have their famous Puppy Chow.

Booth 53—(United Methodist Church) (Brain Sandwich) This is a perennial favorite on Franklin Street, and had the long line to prove it.

Booth 54—(TTT Christian Youth Ministries) (Hand Dipped Corn Dog) This is one of the best on the street. The corn batter is superb and the hot dog is really tasty, plus it’s fried right and comes out crisp.

Booth 55—(Salem UMC) (Pizza-boli) This is a new item and very original! It’s a pizza take on the classic Stromboli, but is in muffin form. We all really liked it. Plus, they have their famous pumpkin fudge.

Booth 56—(St. Agnes Catholic Church) (Handmade Potato Candy) Very rich and delicious! They also have their Tenderloin Sandwiches.

Booth 57—(Sacred Heart PTO) (Pronto Pup) Very good; definitely recommend it.

Booth 58—(Reitz Instrumental Music Boosters) (French Waffles) This is the only booth where you can get these delicious treats.

Booth 59—(Life Choices Maternity) (Piggy Toes) In a word: YUMMY!! These are bacon wrapped little sausages with a maple glaze. They are killer! They also have their famous chicken ‘n dumplings.

Booth 60—(The Band Box) (Italian Beef Sandwich) This a absolutely delicious! Our team all thought it was spectacular…..HIGHLY recommend it!  **Best of the Fest Daily Winner!**

Booth 61—(Lambda Chi) (Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich) The guys working the booth were hilarious and so friendly! Hot and freshly prepared for us.

Booth 62—(Cleaves Episcopal Church) (Chess Pie) This is the only booth on Franklin Street to have this Southern favorite and it’s worth it! Buy a piece and share; it’s that rich and delicious! They also have their BBQ Mutton, so if you’re a fan, seek this out!

Booth 63—(Alpha Omega PSI) (Stromboli) This could be the friendliest booth on the street and this year, the guys have a TV in the booth! Plus, a booth full of men were watching “Days Of Our Lives!” Oh, and the Stromboli was outstanding!

Booth 64—(Phi Delta Theta) (Fire Burger) If you like spice, you’ll love this! It’s a delicious beef patty covered with a spicy Southwest sauce.

Booth 65—(Albion Fellows Bacon Center) (Monte Christo Sandwich) This is the only booth where you can get the Monte Christo and it’s definitely worth a try. Very unique, hot and served fresh!

Booth 66—(St. Mark’s UCC) (Walking Taco) The world famous walking taco….it’s served in a waffle cone. Definitely worth trying.