LOST: Yellow Lab

Our yellow lab mix was rescued from the shelter back in Feb.  She's 1-year-and-2-weeks old.  She was last seen in MCutchinville on Wednesday morning around 10:00 a.m.  Her name is Stephanie, she was wearing a pink bandana... and collar but no tags.  We are offering a $$$ reward for her return.  (Her name plate just fell off a few days ago)  We were told to email you the information in order to have her pictures posted on WIKY's website.  We REALLY appreciate your help and thank you for having the lost pet section!

Please call Matt Lutz at 812- 746-6112
or Sarah Fortune at 812-457-8902

Contact Details: 
812-746-6112 or 812-457-8902
Contact Name: 
Matt Lutz or Sarah Fortune