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Kentucky legislators take-on meth

Several Kentucky lawmakers are considering bills that would require a doctor's prescription for cold medicine containing pseudoephedrine. The compound is a key ingredient in the illicit manufacturing of methamphetamine. Officials say "one-pot'' labs in which meth is cooked in a two-liter plastic bottle have increased the problem.

Indiana not funding early childhood education

Much of Governor Daniels State of the State address focused on improving education. But the proposed new budget he rolled-out Thursday calls for cutting funding for higher education by another three percent. And at the other end of the education spectrum, the state is doing even less. The Indianapolis Star reports that Indiana is one of just eight states that spend no state dollars on preschools. It also reports that two-thirds of the states require children to start school earlier than Indiana's standard age of 7.

Justice Shepard delivers State of Judiciary speech

Indiana Chief Justice Randall T. Shepard focuses on steps taken to cope with the foreclosure crisis, improvements to trial court technology and criminal sentencing issues and improving the effectiveness of protective orders. Click HERE to see the complete State of the Judiciary speech that the Evansville native delivered to lawmakers.

Alcoa returns to profit

Alcoa turns it around. The company, with a big smelter in Warrick County says fourth-quarter revenue rose 4 percent compared to the same time a year ago. Earnings surged on higher sales of aluminum products, as manufacturing increased for automakers and those turning out consumer products. Alcoa reported net income of $258 million, or 24 cents a share, for the quarter. That compares with a net loss of $277 million during the same quarter last year.

Child molesting case moving through court

An Evansville woman pleads guilty to neglect, after she was accused of not stopping her husband from sexually molesting a female relative. 34-year old Kristina L. Phillips was sentenced to 2 1/2 years behind bars by Superior Court Judge Robert Tornatta. Phillips was accused of twice witnessing her husband having sex with an underage female relative. Her husband Jacob is charged with allegedly molesting the girl over an eight-year period, while the couple lived in Warrick, Vanderburgh and Posey counties.

Lose weight gradually

If you're slacks are a little tight and your scale reads higher than you would like, now's the time to whip into action and lose some weight. Rght?  Nutrition Coordinator at St. Mary's Weight Loss Center Cory Filbert says take it easy. If you rush to take it off, chances are those pounds will soon return. And that's the first step toward breaking your resolution. Filbert suggests identifying one or two things to change, and buy into the fact that the results will be worth the effort, over a period of time. Support and help are available through the St.

Atlas releases study on who's moving

An Atlas Van Lines report shows that when it comes to relocating, the Midwest continues to lose folks, and popular destinations include the Mideast states and Southwest. The company, headquartered in Evansville says its 2010 Migration Patterns Study shows the the number of moves increased, and m be an indication the economy is improving. For the first time in two years, Kentucky joined North Carolina, Maryland, and Washington D.C. as inbound states.

EVSC schedules snow make-up days

If you're the parent of an EVSC student, we have some important dates to add to your planner. Recent inclement weather has resulted in two snow days. The state requires 180 days of instruction. The school corporation says make-up days for students attending Lincoln School will be March 7 and April 8. Make-up day for kids at Delaware Elementary and McGary Middle Schools will be April 8 and April 25; those attending Howard Roosa Elementary will go to class June 10, and additional days added to end of calendar.

YWCA seeks names of significant women

Who were and are the most 100 significant women in Evansville over the past almost 100 years? The YWCA wants your help in answering the question by the end of January. The group was founded in Evansville March 3, 1911 and is making arrangements to celebrate its 100th birthday in spring. If you'd like to nominate a woman who has made contributions that have made a lasting impact you can submit the name by clicking HERE

Green River Road project moving ahead

Santa may find it easier to travel North Green River Road. Vanderburgh County Commissioners took action last night to open all four lanes of Green River between Lynch and Millersburg roads by Christmas. The two-year, $26 million project is widening that stretch of road from two to four -- and in some places -- five lanes.

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