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I slept thru it.

Hope the storm didn't bring down any trees in your yard and you didn't lose power.  While all the experts say it was a powerful storm (what did DJB call it, a "land bomb" ) it didn't affect me much - I SLEPT THRU IT.


I'm not sure I actually "get" Glee!  Dennis and Diane are crazy about this TV show on Tuesday night on Fox, Channel 7.   One thing I know is that the show and the music are big hits.  Music and songs from the show are always among the biggest selling songs on iTunes every week.  

Elvis back in Vegas!

Monday I played "Suspicious Minds" - the new version from Viva Elvis.   This is the latest Cirque de Soleil show in Las Vegas.  Cirque de Soliel takes the music and adapts it for their performance, and then gets dancers, acrobats and all sorts of special effects.  They did it with The Beatles and it was a rousing success.  If you want more info about it, here's the link to their website:

Check your voter status online or from your phone

The election is just two weeks away.  I'm very proud of being someone who has consistently voted over the years,  and yes I do brag about it.

WIKY has award winning radio personalities!

Here's Amy Adams, from the Friday Night Flashback Weekends, with her Gold "Best Radio Personality" Award from the People's Choice awards in the Courier Press.  Hear Amy every Friday night on 104 FM WIKY.

13 mismatched socks

First load of laundry in my new washing machine, I spend the evening washing, drying etc.  Go to fold and put away, and I end up with 13 mismatched socks.   How can, in one load, the dryer eat that many.  I know, I know, they are probably under the bed or on the bathroom floor, but it doens't bode well on my laundry sorting and doing future does it?


 So I come to the studio at 3pm ready for another great show, and here's what happens:

1) Our music computer is run with a touch screen, which has worked just fine ALL DARN DAY until I begin and it just shuts down.

2) We get a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Warrick County and I've got to get hold of Chad Sewich at 14 for an update.  He's not answering..

3) It's time to do the ATM game!!!!!!!

So what would you like to see on our web page?

So what would you like to see on the new WIKY web page?   We're working on contests, more content and reasons to come back every day... but we want all your suggestions.  Send them to

The Era We Live In

I went to my sister's wedding this weekend.  I had a really good time, but there is a rumor that a video of me dancing the Macarena is now somewhere on You Tube.   Great!

Welcome to the NEW WIKY web page.

WIKY and our digital partners at South Central Media have been working for a long time to develop this new and hopefully easier to use web page for WIKY.  Take some time and explore it, check out the menu items, and let me know if you see anything that doesn't work.  Email me at 

This is my new blog posts.  I'll try (and I do mean try) to post something about the show every day.  Got an idea?  Please send it to me at  See you on the radio.

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