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He IS the Most Interesting Man in the World

In the current issue of Esquire Magazine, they interview Jonathan Goldsmith, the actor who plays "The Most Interesting Man in the World" in the beer commercials.  Turns out he's pretty interesting..

What State Should You Live In?

Here's the link to the test we talked about Tuesday on the Afternoon Show.

Tasting Results - Day 1

Mark Elliott Tasting Team Recap – Day 1

Our Booths of the Day - 28 - St. Joe PTO Cheese Soup and 32 Howell Church Beef Sundae

Our 2013 Tasting Team included my friend Carla and her daughter Casey, my friends Darrin and Jeff and Chuck Belanger, the Food and Beverage manager of the Tropacana Evansville.  We went thru a block and a half of Franklin Street on Monday – here’s our review in numerical order:

Thanks for Listening

Here's the link to the Radiothon Page



Parade of Homes VIP Party

Here's the link to the Parade of Homes VIP Party to purchase tickets:

Hope to see you there.

Have you nominated your favorites for the "Top Radio Personalities" list?

Jake from and I are compiling a list of the Top 40 Personalities in Evansville Radio History (using Top 40 as a metaphor, they can be from any genre or format - news, DeeJay or other).  We've been collecting your nominations on Facebook and via email, and here is the first version of the list.

The top radio personalities in Evansville radio history are... ?

Jake Newkirk and I are putting together a list of all time best Evansville radio folks.. who would you nominate?  Email me ( or follow this link for more info.

Grippos Recall

Grippo's Potato Chips are being recalled voluntarily by the company.  Here's a link to the story from Fox 19 in Cincinnati.

Use Facebook and Google to find a cheating spouse.

We talked about this Wednesday on the WIKY Afternoon Show.  One out of three affairs start online and you can use online tools to find out if your spouse is cheating.

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