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WIKY Morning Show Nov. 3rd

**  Justin Bieber has been accused of fathering a child with a 20-year-old woman.  Here's the report from Fox News:


**  So, of course the late night comedians had a field day with that news, including Jimmy Kimmel!


** Kris Jenner has a new autiobiography out, so she's making the talk show rounds. She was on "The View" chatting about that and also her daughter Kim Kardashian's divorce.

WIKY Morning Show Nov. 2nd

** Last night on "Dancing With the Stars," David Arquette and Nancy Grace were in the bottom two.

WIKY Morning Show Nov. 1st

Sometimes the tabloids have it SPOT-ON.  And whoever reported that there was already trouble in the marriage of KIM KARDASHIAN and KRIS HUMPHRIES falls into that category.  Because Kim filed for DIVORCE yesterday . . .

WIKY Morning Show October 27th

**  DJB's brother-in-law, Mike Bender, lives just outside of Chicago and runs a Sprint store.  His dog, Brutus, made a shocking discovery in the backyard next door!  Check out DJB's blog along with the amazing pictures!



** Items from this morning's edition of The Dish--

The reports are in, and it looks like Amy Winehouse drank herself to death.  Here are the details:

The soul diva

WIKY Morning Show October 25th

** This morning we talked more about Halloween Candy, specifically which candy is less bad for you.

A lot of people scrap their diets on Halloween and just pig out.  But if you've still got some will power left, "Real Simple" magazine has a list of Halloween candy choices . . . with info on which one is worse for you.

 --So let's see how much you know.  Here are six different options . . .

WIKY Morning Show Re-Cap Oct. 21st

** Dennis had talked about the two family potato soup recipes.....the "Thievin' Maid" Potato Soup and the "Severed Finger" Potato Soup, but he forgot to bring the recipes in!  But, don't worry, they are posted on the website.  Here's the link to Dennis' blog about "Family Soup."  http://wiky.com/content/family-soup


** The Cardinals lost a heartbreaker last night to the Texas Rangers, 2 to 1 and the World Series is now tied at a game apiece.  They now travel to Arlin

2011 Fall Festival Award Winners


We made our picks from all of the booths we visited and here they are!


Best New Item

Booth #105 (Evansville Soccer Club)
Vanilla Ice Cream w/Mango-Habanero Sauce


3rd Place Best of the Fest

Day 2 of Diane's culinary odyssey down Franklin Street during the Fall Festival

Today, me and my panel of WIKY Judges, Kelley Ashby (this was her first time as a judge) and April Rutledge met in our usual spot at 11th and Franklin and set out to sample another 21 booths.  Anyone have some extra Rolaids they're not using?  Here's what we tested and our reviews:

Booth 108--St. Peter's UCC in Wadesville.  Chicken 'n Dumplings.  Kelley had never had chicken 'n dumplings before, and she thought they were great! We all liked the spice combos and the colorful parlsey in the broth.  Nice, soft dumplings and very tasty.

Diane's Food Odyssey during the 90th West Side Nut Club Fall Festival

It's once-a-year eat-a-thon known as the Fall Festival! As we have for the past eight Fall Festivals, DJB and I hit the street with our panel of judges in search of classic, new, and bizarre food items.  Our goal is to sample something from every food booth at the festival, this year numbering 135.  My team includes April Rutledge, Helen Schnarr and newcomer Kelley Ashby. 

WIKY Morning Show Re-Cap Sept 30

** This story was in the news yesterday, and people are understandably a bit upset about it. Looks like it's time to start storing all your cash in your mattress again.  Remember those banks we bailed out?  They still want to hold your money for you . . . but now when you take some OUT, they want to keep a piece for themselves.

--The latest?  Bank of America . . . the largest bank in the country . . . just announced that starting next year, they'll charge a $5 monthly fee for you to use your debit card. 

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