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Hmmm, what is that mystery cobbler that will be at the Fall Festival??

Joelle Knight from SWIRCA stopped by the WIKY Morning Show today to have us sample the new "mystery" cobbler they'll be serving next week at the Fall Festival. Their booth is #78 right in front of the Pet Food Center.  The mystery cobbler was delicious, by the way. Visit SWIRCA's website at http://swirca.org to view the clues and make your guess.

9/11.....11 years later

In a flash, the New York skyline changed from this:

to this:

Like all of us who work mornings in broadcasting, we witnessed this live on the air.  My friend Mary-Beth Owen had just arrived to do an interview to promote the upcoming Race For the Cure.

Candy Corn Oreos? Oh my!!

Halloween is fast approaching, and Nabisco has come up with something brilliant! (At least that is my opinion, since I love Candy Corn!)

They've got a limited edition vanilla Oreo with the filling made from Candy Corn!! They're only available at Target, by the way.

On the WIKY Morning Show tomorrow, I'm going to do a taste-test live on the air; should be yummy!!

July 30th WIKY Morning Show

The Olympics are officially underway in London, with the Opening Ceremonies held last Friday night.  I didn't catch much of them, but did see the Queen officially open the games.  I find it interesting that Queen Elizabeth has been on the throne for 60 years, but this is the first time in her monarchy that the Olympic games have been held in London.  The last time the city hosted them was in 1948 and she didn't become Queen until 1952.

Our media partner 14 WFIE will be providing us with Olympic reports throughout the games; that way we don't miss anything!


Olympic Fever....I'm officialy afflicted!

I admit it....I'm an Olympics junkie and I have been ever since I was a kid mesmerized by Mark Spitz in the 1972 games in Munich.  He was just so dreamy to a 7 year old girl!


As someone who has participated in competitive sports, I know how difficult it is. But to compete at the level these athletes compete at for the love of the sport is truly amazing!

There's a TV "Dr. McDreamy" for every generation

Hey, it's Diane Douglas, and in what is becoming almost a daily event, we've got another celebrity obit in a very busy 2012.  The latest 3 celebrities to pass away (in the last two days) are astronaut Sally Ride, Sherman Hemsley (George Jefferson) and Chad Everett (Dr. Joe Gannon on Medical Center). 

July 19th WIKY Morning Show

** We welcomed Pam Kirk from the Easter Seals Rehab Center to chat about their big Home Run Sweeps Cash Raffle which is entering it's final week.  It's our annual WIKY Bonus Day.....if you call the Rehab Center at 437-2627 TODAY before 5 p.m. and buy a ticket (you need to mention WIKY) you'll be entered into a drawing for an EXTRA ticket, plus 4 tix to a Cardinals game!

Great James Taylor story on the WIKY Morning Show

In case you missed it this morning, Diane chatted with Jay from Fire and Rain Marketing about his close encounter with James Taylor yesterday afternoon.

Click on the link below to hear Jay  tell it in his own words.



Here's Jay with James Taylor



July 9th WIKY Morning Show

Diane here.....flying solo this week as DJB takes his daughter Amanda to freshman orientation at Ball State! It's hard for me to wrap my head around that, since I've known Amanda since she was in middle school. Her sister Kathryn will be a senior at Castle High School this fall. Time seems to fly by faster and faster each year, but it's been a blessing to see DJB's daughters grow up into the smart, talented and beautiful young women they are.

July 6th WIKY Morning Show

While the heat wave rages on with the temperature expected to top 106 degrees today, we're wondering if some relief is on the way. 14WFIE Meteorologist Byron Douglas says next week we'll have some temps back into the upper 80's and around 90. You know it's been brutal when the upper 80's will feel much cooler!

Some new movies in theatres this weekend include "The Amazing Spiderman," which is getting good reviews.  Katy Perry's concert film "Part of Me" is also out now.

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