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A Busy Traveler

Have had a busy, busy few days. I hosted an event called "The Pink tie Gala", a fund raiser for the Komen for the cure foundation...met so many lovely listeners, and had a great time celebrating life! The event was coordinated by a brave soul named Susan Groves, and she did an excellent job organizing a beautiful event!

I Am An Unabashed Gardener!

On my best days, I'll take my left hand and pat my right shoulder and compliment myself on a beautiful garden. On regular days, I love to play in the dirt with flowers and plants and bushes. What you spend time on today in a garden will be all the more beautiful tomorrow.

Every Child Should Belong

If you've listened to my show for any length of time, you know I am like the old woman who lives in a shoe with so many kids I don't know what to do. Three of my 10 children came to me thru birth, the rest came to me thru adoption, some when they were very young and some as adults.

Snowball Express 5 Event

I received this letter:

Dear Delilah,

I am writing you because I know where your heart is, and I know if you are able, you will help. Snowball Express is an awesome organization that brings happiness to the children of our fallen heroes since 9/11.

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