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Bowling at Work

Plenty of contestants on the WIKY Morning Show's Culture Quiz mention that they're bowling when we ask them on the phone what they're doing.  This has led to a number of questions from confused, and some downright angry listeners, about how it is that so many people are getting through from this mysterious bowling alley.

One Last Word on Veteran's Day

Thanks again to all the veterans who came to the LST 325 this morning for our sixth annual breakfast.  Looks like it was a record crowd; maybe twice the crowd we had last year.  Of course, the weather helped a lot.  A big thanks to Browning Funeral Home for underwriting the event as they have the last three years.  And again, thanks to the LST 325 volunteers who make it all happen.

This is making the rounds on Facebook today and I think it says it all -

Saluting Vets with Food

It seems to have become a tradition - feeding veterans on Veterans Day.  Plenty of restaurants do it, Golden Corral and Applebees are a couple that come to mind, and the WIKY Morning Show, too, with our Sixth Annual Vets Breakfast aboard the LST 325. 

When we decided we wanted to do something special for Tri-state vets six years ago, the LST hadn't been docked in Evansville for that long and we weren't sure if they wanted to do anything like a free breakfast.  They didn't hesitate to agree and it's been going on every year since.

Do you have a Workplace Spouse?

We chatted on the WIKY Morning Show about an article we found and the reaction was quite interesting. 

First, here are seven clear signs you might have a work spouse from and Career -

Are You What You Wear?

A couple of stories made the rounds over the weekend that aren't related but have something in common -

Fall Back. Way Back.

Don't forget that this is the weekend we finally get our hour back from last Spring.  Set your clocks back one hour Saturday night before you hit the sack.

Merry Electronic Christmas!

As my wife Lora and I walked into the Walmart in Newburgh last night, we were greeted by a large, decorated Christmas tree inside the door.  Really can't complain that it's too early, it's November after all, but it does force you to start thinking about what to buy as gifts this year. 

We talked about it on the WIKY Morning Show.  The Consumer Electronics Association’s holiday forecast is officially out:

Shampoo Myths

On the WIKY Morning Show today, we shared an item we found on-line about the facts and fiction about shampooing your hair -

The Most American Month

What's the most patriotic month?  Most would say July because of Independence Day.  Others might say May - Memorial Day remembers the ultimate sacrifice of service men and women in defense of our freedom.

I submit November as the most American of months.  Especially this November.  An election day on the 2nd, Veteran's Day on the 11th, and Thanksgiving on the 25th.  Three opportunities this month to celebrate America. 

I Hate Autumn

I hate Autumn and by that I mean, I love Autumn.  It's the most pleasant weather of the year.  But the days after Halloween, plunging headlong toward the big Fall and Winter holidays, grow shorter and shorter and become a constant deadline on squeezing in a few more warm season activities before we're locked inside for the Winter with the kids.

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