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Evansville for Sale

Last week on the Culture Quiz, we posed an interesting question concerning a poll taken  – if we had to sell a U.S.

Misunderstanding Christmas

We had a very interesting discussion on the WIKY Morning Show about the misconceptions of common Christmas legends.
First, the candy cane – you may have heard the story or read the email making the rounds for years about how an Indiana candy maker designed the candy cane to represent the story of Jesus.  Some think of the candy cane as a shepherd’s crook but the story goes that the candy maker made it a “J” for Jesus.

WIKY and Brinkers Secret Santa!

No Sleep Allowed on Black Friday

We researched a number of national chains with local stores that will be having special hours both Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday (or as some merchants call it, Green Friday).
Here are some –
Kohls – They're opening at 3 am this year.

Haircuts from Heck

This morning on the WIKY Morning Show, we chatted about an item we found online on kids’ haircuts. Specifically, haircuts we as parents should all avoid -
9. The Bowl Cut
Made popular for dorks everywhere by Moe from The Three Stooges.

E-book Me

One of the hottest gift items for grown-ups again this Christmas will be an e-reader. If you’re not familiar with these devices, it’s basically an electronic book. You can download complete books from a variety of sources including the library. There are thousands of titles for free and thousands of others for pocket change. It sounds like a great idea and I might even use one if it were a gift. But, I’m just an old book kind of guy and not sure I could get used to reading on one of these contraptions. I like the feel o

Thanksgiving Horror Stories!

Thanksgiving Myths

This morning we found ourselves scratching our heads over the fact that Thanksgiving is just over a week away.  Not sure how that happened, considering we just put away our flip-flops, but there it is.

Here are a few Thanksgiving food myths that we discussed this morning on WIKY -

Bowling at Work

Plenty of contestants on the WIKY Morning Show's Culture Quiz mention that they're bowling when we ask them on the phone what they're doing.  This has led to a number of questions from confused, and some downright angry listeners, about how it is that so many people are getting through from this mysterious bowling alley.

One Last Word on Veteran's Day

Thanks again to all the veterans who came to the LST 325 this morning for our sixth annual breakfast.  Looks like it was a record crowd; maybe twice the crowd we had last year.  Of course, the weather helped a lot.  A big thanks to Browning Funeral Home for underwriting the event as they have the last three years.  And again, thanks to the LST 325 volunteers who make it all happen.

This is making the rounds on Facebook today and I think it says it all -

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