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WIKY Morning Show August 19


**We welcomed Tales and Scales for our Extortion Breakfast, brought to you by Old National Bank.  The breakfast was superb and the entertainment first rate!  Tales and Scales performs at every EVSC and Henderson County school along with many other venues around the region.  Tales and Scales, in their 25th year, a unique blend of story, music, theatre, movement, and creativity and call it “musictelling.”

More info and their schedule can be found at

Or call 812-

WIKY Morning Show August 18


**We welcomed Rick Davis, Democratic candidate for mayor of Evansville, live in studio this morning as our guest host.  Among the issues Mr.

WIKY Morning Show August 17, 2011


**Republican candidate for mayor of Evansville, Lloyd Winnecke was our guest this morning.  We chatted about Lloyd’s childhood in Evansville, where he lived and went to school. 


WIKY Morning Show August 16, 2011

WIKY Morning Show August 16, 2011

**Shopping for groceries is something just about all of us have in common.  Something else we have in common is that we just about all agree that food prices are going up –

 According to a new survey by Rasmussen Reports, 93% of Americans say that they're paying MORE for groceries now than they did one year ago.  And no one really thinks things are going to get better . . .

WIKY Morning Show August 15, 2011

 **Jeff Lyons, 14WFIE Chief Meteorologist, joined us in studio this morning filling in for Diane.  DJB and Jeff talked about the unusual weather events Indianapolis and Louisville over the weekend.

**Tragedy at the Indiana State Fair Saturday night when severe wind gusts blew over a stage set up for a Sugarland concert.  5 were killed, over 40 hurt. 

 It happened around 9:00 P.M, and the weather was looking pretty bad, but it hadn't started raining yet.  Officials monitoring the situation made an announcement that things could get worse, but the

Classic Rock saves Bucks!


Who knew a classic rock song could actually save you money?  Here's the story we covered on the WIKY Morning Show today-

We've all been there:  You're at a grocery store or a drug store, you want to get the discounts from the shopper's loyalty club, but you don't have a membership, you don't want to fill out an application, and you don't want to give them your number.

Here's a GREAT way to beat the system.

Ordering by Memory

We had an interesting discussion on the WIKY Morning Show about a trend in restaurants.  Apparently, more and more restaurants are encouraging their servers to get rid of the pen and paper and take orders by memory.  There are three reasons they're doing this, according to the article in the New York Post  - 

#1.)  It helps the server keep eye contact, which creates a better bond and leads to a better tip.

 #2.)  It makes the servers concentrate harder, which leads to better service.


From time to time on the WIKY Morning Show, we enjoy solving what we call “little mysteries.”  We received a call this morning from Donna Hollander who lives off Sharon Road in Newburgh.  She and her family have been hearing a weird sound for the past couple of weeks that she said sounded like something from “War of the Worlds.”  What in the world could it be? 

One Magical Tri-State Place

On the WIKY Morning Show we posed the question - where is the ONE place you'd take a visiting friend or family member?

Among the several calls and emails we received, The Hilltop, Gerst House, Moonlite, China Bistro, Angelo's, Piece of Cake, and the Log Inn were the most popular restuarants mentioned.  Audubon Park, Garden of the Gods, Angel Mounds, the Evansville museum and planetarium downtown, CMOE, Casino Aztar, Mesker Park Zoo and the LST 325 were the most popular attractions.

The Ultimate Bake Sale

The Public Education Foundation is having their 2nd annual Confections of the Rich and Decadent, The Ultimate Bake Sale, and Amy Walker of the PEF successfully recruited Diane and me to donate a baked goodie.  Last year, you may recall, I offered a Coca-Cola chocolate cake, the first thing I had ever baked.  A very nice woman bought it and actually said it was tasty.  Clearly, she was just being polite.  But I thanked her anyway.

This year, I was all set to go with this suggestion from Patti Hilton, a no-bake fudge recipe –

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