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The Rumors are Untrue!

We heard last week a disturbing rumor that the Log Inn was closing.  What?  An entire region denied fine fried chicken?  Say it ain't so!

OK, it ain't so.  We heard from Rita Elpers, whose family has owned the Log Inn for these many years, and she told us that not only had she heard the rumor (and would love to know where it started) but it's totally false.  She and her family (the next generation of Elpers have already taken over day to day operations

Never Forget

This tribute was aired on the WIKY Morning Show September 11, 2012 -

Another Reason Diane Should Never Go on Vacation

It turns out Labor Day is NOT a day set aside to honor the mother of the Osmond family.  Imagine my surprise.  No, it's celebration of American labor and for decades the Labor Day Association has held a big traveling bash with rides, fair food, a parade and more over the Labor Day weekend.  This year it's being held at the Pike County Fairgrounds and gets underway Friday and runs through Monday.  Here's the rundown for this year's celebration - (Remember that Pike Country i

100 Men Who Cook (including me!)

We welcomed our good friend Jimmy Lefler on the WIKY Morning Show today to chat about the second annual 100 Men Who Cook event August 25 at the Centre.  It's brought to you by Old National Bank and this year the proceeds benefit Gilda's Club of Evansville.  What's 100 Men Who Cook?  Just what you'd think: 100 business and civic leaders get together and each cooks a dish and spends a lot of time and effort presenting it in a spectacular fashion.  Diane's husband Jeff Thompson, WIKY's own Mark Elliott and me are among the 100 men.  Your ticket price gets you into

Perpetual Fireworks Ban

There are plenty of people upset about the local fireworks bans this year due to the weather conditions.  It’s perfectly understandable, too.  Some folks just can’t celebrate Independence Day properly without cutting loose a few bottle rockets or Roman candles.  But for me, it’s been a lifetime ban on fireworks so I’m not so upset.  My cousin Mike, a number of years my senior, threw a firecracker into a ditch when he was a kid, a rock flew out and yes, he actually PUT HIS EYE OUT!  He’s had a glass eye ever since.

Random Fun

Over the years on the WIKY Morning Show, we’ve had some fun with random items observed on our daily commutes to work.  It started with a random boot Diane noticed in the median of the Lloyd on the West Side and mentioned it on the air.  The random boot in the road - we’ve all see them.

Bird Disputes

We were discussing birds in my backyard this morning on WIKY.  I've been a bird watcher for years.  I've heard that you're supposed to call yourself a "birder" but that sounds even weirder than bird watcher, if you ask me.

We have a mockingbird that lives in our backyard and has for years.  She's actually just relocated from next door because the bush she lived in for years was the victim of a landscaping make-over.  So she moved right into a small Cleveland pear tree that was planted a couple of years ago and stands only 10 feet max making it&nbsp

Early Rising

A cup of coffee on the patio a little past dawn Saturday morning, still up well before everyone else.  I remembered that I started doing it in high school – getting out of bed and ready before everyone else.  The reasons were obvious – a shower with guaranteed hot water, first crack at anything for breakfast (especially advantageous for pop tarts or Wheaties in short supply,) and maybe twenty minutes of the Three Stooges before the bus came.  Granted, it was a challenge beating my dad out of bed.  A lifetime in the Army had provided few opportunities for luxurious slumbe

AB on a Keyring

With the passing of Dick Clark I remembered a number of years ago getting a package in the mail with a 50th anniversary keychain for American Bandstand.  It had the famous AB logo on one side in blue and "50 years of Bandstand" on the reverse.  With it a handwritten note from Dick thanking me for my support over the years.  It was just so cool.  I wore that keyring out in my pocket and had to retire it when the loop broke.  Dick Clark was one of my heroes. 

The Stooge Dilemma

The new Three Stooges movie did a respectable showing on its opening weekend at the box office.  Good enough for a distant second behind the now steamrolling Hunger Games.  The Farrelly brothers loving tribute to Moe, Larry, and Curly got generally mixed reviews - some liked it a lot, others not so much.  Our listeners told us that it was probably more enjoyed by the adults in the audience than the kids (who found 3 grown men slapping each other around a bit puzzling).  Leonard Matlin, a respected critic found the movie very much like a Beatlemania performance

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