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92nd Fall Festival Booth Reviews Day 2

Here are the rest of our booth visits for this year's Fall Festival.  I'd like to thank my panel of judges who took time out from the Witness Protection Program to provide their reviews for you this year.

69. SAE of UE – Doritos Haystack.  Big hit.

70.  Delta Zeta USI – Pumpkin Cake Balls.  Only thing missing is the stick.  Excellent.

71. Impact Ministries – Cajun Shrimp Soup (9 from judges) and Buckeyes (chocolate covered peanut butter balls). “Real peanut butter flavor.”

72. Montessori Academy – Gator Taters. “Excellent taste.”

92nd Fall Festival Booth Reviews Day 1

Here's a quick sampling of our visits to the booths today.  Great weather and already big crowds.

49 Evansville Lutheran School - BBQ Turkey, Funnel Cake Fries.

47 Evansville Racing Pigeon Club – “Mother in Law” Tamale, chili, cheese and Fritos on a hot dog bun.  9 from judges. “Different.”

48 Salem UCC – Brownie Sundae with homemade brownie and homemade ice cream.  Judges give it a 10.

49 GOP Diner – Boneless West Virginia Hot Dog.

Need your Help!

Henderson Police have sent us a picture of a young boy, approximately 3 years old, who was found wandering in the area of 1400 Young Street in Henderson. 

They say they cannot locate his parents. 

They're asking us to share the photo and have our listeners call 911 if they can identify.  The child is currently in the custody of DCBS and police.  Contact us at 812-451-2104 or 1-800-454-WIKY. <DIV style="MARGIN-TOP: 14

Staying Healthy

My wife and daughter are sick, Diane’s had the creeping crud for a couple of weeks.  I don’t have a prayer staying healthy.  Or do I?  Here’s some tips we discussed on the WIKY Morning Show from -

#1.)  Keep Your Feet Warm.  Researchers think cold feet might cause the blood vessels in your SINUSES to tighten up.  Which makes it harder for white blood cells to get to your mucus membranes.  And that's where most viruses sneak in.

 #2.)  After You Wash Your Hands, Don't Dry Them

Fruit Hangover

On the WIKY Morning Show we had a discussion on home remedies.  It started with the old belief that an onion will absorb all the evils in the air including cold and flu viruses.  That's been around since the 1500s.  Yes, that long even though there's no evidence that it works.  Actually, it doesn't even make sense to me.  An onion?  Really?  However, one that appears to have some benefit is the consumption of gin soaked golden raisins for arthritis relief.  Our pal Charlie has done it for a while and he says he feels a difference.  Lot of listene

Christmas with Attitude

I believe the "Happy Holidays rather than Merry Christmas" politically correct thing is a completely manufactured problem.  For years I was blissfully unaware that saying Merry Christmas was offending anyone.  Why?  Because I've never encountered anyone who was offended by it.  And what's wrong the phrase "Happy Holidays?"  It's always been a nice way to give blanket greetings at the end of the year for all the goodwill the big three - Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day - have come to represent.

Yet Another Mystery Solved!

We received a number of calls Monday morning from folk north and west of Evansville who wanted to know what the loud booms were Saturday evening - a rolling thunder type of sound coming from the north.  Well, it was a private fireworks show.  A family near Haubstadt out by the St James area with plenty of acreage and a lake put on a fireworks show every year for the Fourth of July for friends and neighbors.  Since it was too dry on July 4 to set ‘em off, they decided to do it Saturday night.  About 200 folks were there and if you heard the distant “thunder” it was their

Can't Miss Foods at the Fall Festival

Aside from our award winning treats at the 91st Fall Festival there are a number of booths that present what we call "premiere foods."  Here's a list of the booths our team visited this year and the foods you need to try (or try again) -

#89 - BSA Troops 373 and 379 - Monster Ears

#92 - St Phillips - Burgoo.

#100 - St Peters - Kuchen.

#105 - Evansville Soccer Club - Ice Cream with Habanero Sauce.

#107 - USI Varsity Club - Ribeye Sandwich.

#111 - Central Music Boosters - Loaded Potato Soup.

#114 - Optimists - Tenderloin.


Fall Festival Food Booth Report

Here's Tuesday's report from the 91st Fall Festival.  Not as rainy today so a noticeably larger crowd.  A big thanks to my judges Carla Kratz, Casey Hahn, Kathy Collins, Lisa and Don Swenson.  Lisa is Kathy's sister and grew up on the Westside but Don is from Siren, Wisconsin where they both now live.  Lisa was thrilled to be back for a Fall Festival, this was Don's first.  He's was a trooper too, never a complaint and was extremely impressed with the enormous selection.  You gotta love a guy who embraces the Fall Festival immediately, right?


Eating the Fall Festival

The 91st West SIde Nut Club Fall Festival takes place all next week on Evansville's West Side and again WIKY will be sampling every food booth on Franklin Street.  We assemble three teams of listener volunteers, one with Diane, one with Mark Evans, and my team, with each required to visit about 22 booths per day.  We hit the street Monday at 11 for about an hour or so and by Tuesday at 12:30, we've sampled all the booths.  We originally thought we could do it all in one day but come on, that would be inhuman.  We don't sample every

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